Shocking Research Findings

Did you know that, according to a NRMA study in 2015, almost a quarter of road rage incidents are witnessed by children under the age of fifteen?

It’s totally unacceptable yet our roads continue to become more and more congested with rude and aggressive behaviour becoming almost common place. And mental health challenges continue to increase.

What are your pet hates while driving?

  • People honking their car horn;
  • Changing lanes without signalling;
  • Tailgating;
  • Talking or texting on a mobile while driving; and/or
  • Rushing red lights.

These behaviours can all make us ‘snap’. Yet, thousands of people do them everyday.

We all need to ask ourselves some challenging questions:

“What kind of example am I being to the children in our community?”

“How do I need to change?”

“How can I help to ensure our children will, in the future, have a less stressful environment on our roads.

We are responsible for taking control of our behaviour! We are responsible for our mental health and wellbeing!

Yes, we know adapting our behaviours can be very, very challenging. However, small individual changes can create one massive change for humanity.

Remember – Together we can create less stress, more harmony in our lives and on our roads. It’s just requires a few simple changes in our behaviour!

Fortunately, there are many stories that can inspire us as we strive to improve. One amazing story tells how Jennifer established Families4Families: Acquired Brain Injury Peer Support Network in South Australia after her husband, Michael, sustained a severe brain injury as a result of a horrific car accident in 2008. To hear Jennifer’s story Click Here.

With your help Say “THANKS” December® can support positive change, not only on our roads, but in the lives of every family around the globe.

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